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Welcome to the Civ4 Wiki which provides information about Sid Meier's Civilization IV by Firaxis (see Wikipedia).

If you'd like to contribute, please go here instead. CivFanatics has begun hosting their own on-site Modding Wiki, and so this Wiki will soon be closed. Your help in transferring all our data to the CivFanatics Wiki is much appreciated.

Playing Civ IV

Civ IV Wikopedia - Online version of the in game Civilopedia.
Civ IV Wikiguide - Basic guide to how to play and learn the game.
Reference Tables - Printable summaries tabulating important information.
Mechanics, Strategy, Etc. - Detailed information about playing, including World Builder.

Modifying Civ IV

Mod Reference – detailed presentation and definitions of everything mod related.
Mod How To – explanations of how to perform specific types of mods.

Civ IV Community

Official Sites – Firaxis and 2K Games.
Fan Sites – Apolyton, CivFanatics, etc.
Modding Sites - WoC, Modder's Reference, etc.
Jargon – Links to sites & internal pages about slang & terminology.

Civ4Wiki Development

Wiki Handbook – useful information for wiki beginners.
Direction and Goals – what the current contributors are aiming at.
How To Contribute – help with wiki in general and civ4wiki in particular.


I have based this wiki almost directly on the original Civ4Wiki, which very unfortunately went down sometime in late 2007. I'm trying to resurrect it. Although I have made some minor changes I feel improve the site, almost all the credit is owed to the original author, rkyte. He recently (25/07/2008) responded to my request asking to continue his work, and gave me a green light to proceed with this site. Please find what is left of his original site here, and enjoy the new Civ IV Wiki!!!

The Civ IV To-Do List. Please help us cross these off!
Complete listing of all game files
Complete listing of all tags in all XML files
Complete descriptions of the purpose of each and every XML tag
To-Do List for our Civ IV Wiki
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