Direction And Goals

Proposed Vision: the site everybody visits and references for information about Civ IV with a huge contributing community.

Proposed Mission: provide a structure for information about Civ IV to accumulate and evolve where the information is easy to find, easy to understand, and attractive to look at.

Proposed Constraints/Limitations: While taking advantages of the WIKI paradigm it is desirable to avoid overlap with existing Civ4 resources such as the fan sites and Those sites are excellent for Forums, News, Competitions (eg Hall of Fame, GOTM, etc), and Cooperations (eg succession games, etc). Therefore, Civ4Wiki should provide links to those sites and into specific parts of those sites without duplicating their strengths. However, those sites are not as good as a well organized wiki site at being an evolving ever improving source of information about playing and/or modifying the game.

Some Immediate Goals:

  • Add the basic information that everything else will refer (link) to.
  • Load all information about playing the game (ie Civilopedia type info and more).
  • Create articles that describe the WorldBuilder.
  • Create articles that describe in detail all XML and Python files.
  • Add useful articles and explanations that can be linked to when responding to questions in the forums.
  • What does changing game speed do?
  • What does changing difficulty level do?
  • How does combat work?
  • How does healing work (who owns tile; promotions: Medic I, Medic II, March)?
  • Add information that allows anybody who wishes to modify the game.
  • Exactly what steps do I need to perform to modify an XML file or Python file?
  • How do I add simple print statements and file output to Python scripts?
  • How do I obtain useful information from the Python 'console'?
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