How To Add A XML Page

A quick little quide for someone to add a missing XML page.

  1. Get familar with wiki mark-up. Read here or here, and also play around in our Sandbox.
  2. Find the file you want to add on the list of all the XML files. If the link is in red that means this article has not been started yet. Click on the XML file you would like to start/edit.
  3. Now open up another window in your browser, go to the XML Article Template page and read the instructions at the top.
  4. Fill in information. Make sure you include an entire entry from the file (for example the UnitInfos Example includes an entire entry for one unit.)
  5. Make sure to add Incomplete at the top of the page if you did not fill out everything!
  6. Look at the preview to make sure things match up with other pages.
  7. Click Save! Be aware that this your article will be changed by other people (99% of the time for the better) so if you make a few mistakes do not worry other people will come in and clean it up.
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