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It's a static template.

You may offer your own commentary here to help the users.
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It's a static template. Add it to incomplete pages. All these pages will be automatically be listed here and can be easily found by others users desesperately searching for a page needing their help.

This page is incomplete and is missing information.
Missing info is usually marked with something like Not Sure or simply left blank.
Do not remove this until this is complete

Python file

It's a static template. Use it on pages describing a Python file.

This article discusses the details of a Python file specific to Civilization IV.

UML Diagram

It's a dynamic template. Use it on pages discussing object oriented python code to display a UML diagram. The following entries are required : UML_Diagram_pic, UML_Diagram_Description


It's a dynamic template. Use it to describe an unit properties in Civilopedia. The following entries are required : Unit_Type, icon_name, unit_name, Unit_Strength, Unit_Movement, Unit_Cost, Unit_Tech, Unit_Resource, Unit_Upgrades, Unit_Specs.

Unit_info is using its own set of template for unit promotions.


It's a static template. Use it on incorrectly formatted pages. They will be automaticly be added on this list and easily found by users with enough time or obligingness to correct them.

This page is not well formated. Please check the current formats.
XML format | Python format | Civilopedia format
Do not remove this template unless this page has been updated to the latest format


It's a static template. Use it on XML pages to tag them.

Please note that we haven't decided if we'll use this kind of templates and list or rather categories

This page explains how to modify a XML file (List of templates). Click here to access the list of the XML files coming with the game.


It's a dynamic template. Use it on "XML tag" pages like Xml:UniqueNames to link them to their parent XML file. Only one entry is required and it can be given directly.

Example: { {XMLparent|CIV4UnitInfos} }


It's a dynamic template, the base of which was stolen from the Unit_Info template above. (It's also my first ever template…) Use it on technology pages. The following entries are required: tech_name (the name of the technology), icon_name (the name and type of the picture used, e.g. Education Icon.JPG), Tech_Cost (the amount of gold needed to research the technology), Tech_Era (the era the technology comes from, e.g. Renaissance, Modern, etc), Tech_Required (the tech/s needed to begin research, BE SURE TO WIKIFY THEM! (i.e. [[(tech name]])), Tech_LeadsTo (the tech/s that researching the given technology will lead to (again, BE SURE TO WIKIFY!)), Tech_AllowedItems (the buildings, units, civics, etc. that you can now build/train/adopt), and Tech_Bonuses (for special things, like wonders that are now obsolete, giving you +1 movement across the sea, getting +1 gold from Windmills, etc). *takes deep breath*

Example: Mining (Technology).

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