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Defines the graphics used for the Leaders in the game.

Single Line Tags

Text Tags

Type = The leader the tag is for. Defined in CIV4LeaderHeadInfos.xml
Button = Has two entries separated with comma. Second entry defines the art used for the button (includes Civilopedia button) and the 'circle-above-map' arrow. The two numbers following the second entry are the position of the button in the DDS (think Unit32.pcx back in Civ-3). First number is the column, second is the line. I'm not sure what does exactly the fist entry: It links to the same button but doesn't seem to be enough by itself.
NIF = Locations of the NIF file.
KFM = The location of the KFM file.
NoShaderNIF = Locations of a NIF file with no shaders - ??
BackgroundKFM = The location of the KFM file for the background - ??


    <Type>ART_DEF_LEADER_BARBARIAN</Type>        <Button>,Art/interface/LeaderHeads/,Art/Interface/Buttons/,6,12</Button>
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