This files defines the parameters for building tile improvements (e.g., farm, quarry)

Other Files

Each <BuildInfo> needs an <ImprovementInfo> in ImprovementInfos.xml and vice versa. The order of <BuildInfos> in this file determines the order in which worker action buttons appear on the action button bar. The order of <BuildInfo>s and <ImprovementInfo>s needs to match, or else some actions might not appear on the button bar. Workers or other units need a <Build> in their <UnitInfo> for each build.

Single-Line Tags

Text Tags

  • Type = The internal tag (name) for the improvement type.
  • Description = What the text entry is named for that improvement type.
  • Help = Additional info about the improvement. Not used in standard game.
  • PrereqTech = The technology required before that improvement can be built.
  • ImprovementType = What sort of improvement will be produced by the action.
  • RouteType = What Route Type will be produced by the action (road or railroad).
  • EntityEvent = UNKNOWN EFFECT
  • HotKey = The hotkey associated with the build action.
  • Button = Links to a dds file, used as 'button' for this improvement.

Boolean Tags

  • bKill = The building action will use up (destroy) the unit (work boat).
  • bAltDown = If '1', the ALT key is need with the hotkey for a shortcut (e.g., ALT+F).
  • bShiftDown = If '1', the SHIFT key is need with the hotkey for a shortcut (e.g., SHIFT+F).
  • bCtrlDown = If '1', the CTRL key is need with the hotkey for a shortcut (e.g., CTRL+F).

Integer Tags

  • iTime = Base time needed to produce the improvement.
  • iHotKeyPriority = Defines priority of using the same hotkey.

Multi-Line Tags

  • FeatureStructs = This is used to determine additional building modifiers in certain feature types. In stock Civ, this means what happens when the improvement is built in Forest or Jungle.



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