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The CIV4CivicInfos XML describes all the parameters of Civ IV's 25 Civics.

Single-Line Tags

Text Tags

  • CivicOptionType = Defines the Civic type, with "CIVICOPTION_" in front of the name (ie: Economy, Industry, etc.). The types are listed in Civ4CivicOptionInfos.xml.
  • Type = Defines the Civic name, with "CIVIC_" in front of it (ie: Mercantalism, Environmentalism, Free Speech, etc.).
  • Description = Defines the location of the text that floats over the Civic when you mouse-over.
  • Civilopedia = Defines the Civilopedia entry for the Civic.
  • Strategy = Defines the Strategy text for the Civic.
  • Button = Defines the location of the artwork for the Civic. Example: <button>,Art/Interface/Buttons/Civics/,Art/Interface/Buttons/,5,1</button> UNSURE what the first file does (it doesn't seem to show up ever in the game), but the second file looks up the icons for the civic in the file. Here, it returns the icon in the 5th column, 1st row. Edit the file with a dds editor and change these coordinates if needed to change the picture.
  • TechPrereq = Defines the prerequisite technology.
  • Upkeep = Defines the upkeep for the Civic (ie: UPKEEP_NONE, UPKEEP_LOW, UPKEEP_MEDIUM, UPKEEP_HIGH).

Integer Tags

  • iAnarchyLength = UNSURE This tag probably controls how long Anarchy will be after switching to this Civic, but I don't know how it works.
  • iAIWeight = UNSURE Indicates preference for AI
  • iGreatPeopleRateModifier = Global percent modifier for Great People birthrate. This is a % bonus to great people production in each city. Put in values like 50, 23, 18, etc…
  • iStateReligionGreatPeopleRateModifier = UNSURE Percent modifier for Great People birthrate in cities that have your state religion?
  • iDistanceMaintenanceModifier = Percent reduction (or increase) in the maintenance charged due to distance from your capital (positive or negavite values okay)
  • iNumCitiesMaintenanceModifier = Percent reduction (or increase) in the maintenance charged due to the number of cities that you have (positive or negavite values okay).
  • iExtraHealth = UNSURE Number of extra health per city
  • iFreeExperience = Amount of free XP provided to units built while you have this Civic.
  • iWorkerSpeedModifier = Percent increase in speed of Worker actions (ie: = 40 would result in a Worker action that is normally 10 turns taking only 6). Unsure, but may be able to accept negative numbers, thus increasing time needed for worker actions
  • iImprovementUpgradeRateModifier = the modifier for cottage, hamlet, village, etc. growth rates.
  • iMilitaryProductionModifier = Percent bonus to military production spead (+/- probably okay)
  • iBaseFreeUnits = UNSURE number of units provided free per city?
  • iBaseFreeMilitaryUnits = number of units provided free.
  • iFreeUnitsPopulationPercent = UNSURE Free units based on a percentage of population
  • iFreeMilitaryUnitsPopulationPercent = UNSURE Free military units based on percentage of population
  • iGoldPerUnit = Defines upkeep cost per unit. Any unit (negative doesn't work… i.e. getting paid for units).
  • iGoldPerMilitaryUnit = Defines upkeep cost per military unit (negative doesn't work… i.e. getting paid for units).
  • iHappyPerMilitaryUnit = Number of happy faces created in a city per stationed military unit (negative has weird effects)
  • iMaxConscript = Number of units you may conscript per turn
  • iLargestCityHappiness = Number of happy faces created in your largest cities
  • iWarWearinessModifier = Defines percent reduction in War Weariness (+/- values okay, use whole numbers).
  • iFreeSpecialist = Number of free specialists per city
  • iTradeRoutes = Number of extra trade routes per city
  • iCivicPercentAnger = Causes unhappiness in civs without this civic. Emancipation has this value set to 400, but unsure what the exact value means.
  • iStateReligionHappiness = Defines number of happy faces given if your State Religion is in a city.
  • iNonStateReligionHappiness = Defines number of happy faces given for each NON-State-Religion in a city. Negative values may or may not cause unhappiness… I tried it and on the civics screen it said -1 unhappiness… needs further testing of negative values.
  • iStateReligionUnitProductionModifier = Defines percent decrease in cost of constructing units for cities with your state religion.
  • iStateReligionBuildingProductionModifier = Defines percent decrease in cost of constructing buildings for cities with your state religion.
  • iStateReligionFreeExperience = Defines percent building production bonus in cities with state religion. (e.g. 50, 75, 1000).

Boolean Tags

  • bMilitaryFoodProduction = bMilitaryFoodProduction> Food produces military units (like workers, settlers?)
  • bNoUnhealthyPopulation = UNSURE Eliminates unhealthiness from buildings? 1=yes, 0=no
  • bBuildingOnlyHealthy = UNSURE Eliminates unhealthiness from buildings? 1=yes, 0=no
  • bNoForeignTrade = If 1, Civic doesn't allow any foreign trade.
  • bStateReligion = If 1, Civic requires a State religion to be effective.
  • bNoNonStateReligionSpread = If 1, Civic will prevent the spread of any Religions that are not your State Religion.

Multi-Line Tags

  • YieldModifiers = Changes production bonuses for food, commerce, and shields in each city. Replace this with the following to get an effect (% bonus to food, hammers, and commerce):


  • CapitalYieldModifiers = This would use the iYield tag trio to define how Food/Hammers/Gold would be changed in the Capital.
  • TradeYieldModifiers = UNKNOWN EFFECT
  • CommerceModifiers = Changes science, culture, and tax level bonuses in each city. Replace with the following to get an effect (% bonus to taxes, science, and culture):


  • CapitalCommerceModifiers = This would use the iCommerce tag trio to define how Tax/Science/Culture would be changed in the Capital.
  • SpecialistExtraCommerces = Adds extra commerce for specialists, e.g. each specialist produses. Implement as follows using integers rather than % (else each priest would have, like +50 culture).

<iCommerce>0</iCommerce> ;# bonus to tax per specialist
<iCommerce>0</iCommerce> ;# bonus to science per specialist
<iCommerce>0</iCommerce> ;# bonus to culture per specialist

  • Hurrys = For hurrying.

For gold rushing:
For population rushing:

  • SpecialBuildingNotRequireds = Makes monasteries not required for missionaries. Haven't experimented with others. Here's what that looks like:

<SpecialBuildingNotRequired> <SpecialBuildingType>SPECIALBUILDING_MONASTERY</SpecialBuildingType>

  • SpecialistValids = Enables unlimited specialists of various types in cities (like Caste System). Put in as may as you'd like. Example:

Try it with ARTIST, MERCHANT, SCIENTIST, PRIEST, ENGINEER. I think those should all work.

  • BuildingHappinessChanges = Buildings make more happiness. I haven't experimented with unhappiness, but I'm interested to know if it'd work.

Example (make the palace give 400 happiness):
Just put in a valid building name and you're all set.

  • FeatureHappinessChanges = Happiness from terrain feature. Example:

Haven't experimented with other terrains (other than the ones for environmental economic civic) yet, but it should work.

  • ImprovementYieldChanges = This would use a Text tag to define which improvement is being modified, and then the iYield trio of tags to define how Food/Hammers/Gold was being modified. Example:


  • WeLoveTheKing = <WeLoveTheKing>TXT_KEY_CIVIC_WE_LOVE_DESPOT</WeLoveTheKing> Replace "TXT…DESPOT" with new text the "We love the XXXXXX" day.


Important, you MAY HAVE TO EDIT the following other files:

Changing the name of civics catagories. Just change the descriptions with normal text. I wouldn't mess around with the option types.

Note: If you change any <Type>'s or add new ones, make sure you do the proper adjustments to the following files. Or you may need to adjust them for your scenario anyway:

To change civics appearing in UN resolutions.

To change perferred (favorite) civics.

To change default (beginning game) civics.


Civic: Mercantilism

    <iStateReligionHappiness>0</iStateReligionHappiness> <iNonStateReligionHappiness>0</iNonStateReligionHappiness>
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