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Controls how fast the game goes, i.e. research and production speed. Most of this information is from a very helpful thread on the Civfanatics forum started by King Jason:

Single-Line Tags

Text Tags

  • Description = Links to CIV4GameTextInfos_Objects. The display name of the game speed in multiple languages, eg Epic, Epique etc
  • Help = Links to CIV4GameText_Help. Description of the game speed, I think this is the text that pops up when you roll your mouse over it when you choose your game speed when starting a new game
  • Type = Defines what Civ IV calls the game speed, eg GAMESPEED_EPIC

Integer Tags

  • iAnarchyPercent = From tinkering, it seems to be how long cities revolt. It doesn't seem to have any effect that I can see on anarchy when switching governments or religions. Normal is 100
  • iBarbPercent = The rate at which barbarians appear. Normal is 100
  • iBuildPercent = How fast tile improvements are built. Normal is 100
  • iConstructPercent = How fast buildings (barracks, National Epic, Pyramids etc but not projects such as The Internet) are built. Normal is 100
  • iCreatePercent = How fast projects are built. Normal is 100
  • iCulturePercent = How fast cultural borders expand. Normal is 100
  • iFeatureProductionPercent = Amount of hammers produced when forests or jungles are chopped, possible other effects. Normal is 100
  • iGoldenAgePercent = How long golden ages last. Normal is 100
  • iGreatPeoplePercent = How many points are needed to get a great person. Normal is 100
  • iGrowthPercent = How fast the population of cities grow. Normal is 100
  • iHurryConscriptAngerPercent = How long unhappiness from hurrying or drafting lasts. Normal is 100
  • iHurryPercent = Amount of gold or population needed to hurry building production. Normal is 100
  • iImprovementPercent = How fast tile improvements upgrade to the next level (eg cottages to hamlets). Normal is 100
  • iInflationOffset = How long the initial period of no inflation lasts. Normal is 100
  • iInflationPercent = The rate at which inflation increases. Normal is 27
  • iResearchPercent = How fast technologies are researched. Normal is 100
  • iTrainPercent = How fast units (warriors, settlers etc) are built. Normal is 100
  • iTurnsPerIncrement = Number of turns that this year increment level lasts
  • iUnitDiscoverPercent = Amount of beakers produced by great people when used to rush a technology. Normal is 100
  • iUnitGreatWorkPercent = Amount or culture produced by great artists' great work ability. Normal is 100
  • iUnitHurryPercent = Amount of gold or population needed to hurry unit production. Normal is 100
  • iUnitTradePercent = Amount of gold produced by great merchants' trade mission ability. Normal is 100
  • iYearIncrement = Number years that pass each turn

Multi-Line Tags

  • GameTurnInfos = Contains all of the year increment levels (GameTurnInfo's)
  • GameTurnInfo = A year increment level, contains an iYearIncrement and an iTurnsPerIncrement, see above


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