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In this file you define where Improvements may be built and what effects they have.

Other Files

Each <ImprovementInfo> needs a <BuildInfo> in BuildInfo.xml and vice versa.

Single-Line Tags

Boolean Tags

  • bHillsMakesValid = Improvement may be built on hills
  • bFreshWaterMakesValid = May be built anywhere listed as having "Fresh Water" (Farms but not Watermills). Please note the distinctions between Fresh Water & a River. Rivers give fresh water, and so anything with a "1" for needing Fresh Water can be built on a River. The reverse is not true.
  • bRiverSideMakesValid = May be built next to rivers (Farms, Watermills).
  • bNoFreshWater = May not be built near Fresh Water (Does any Improvement use this?).
  • bRequiresFlatlands = May not be built on hills (Farms).
  • bRequiresRiverSide = Must be built next to rivers (Watermill).
  • bRequiresIrrigation = Needs Irrigation near (Farms, though Irrigation only begins with Civil Service).
  • bCarriesIrrigation = Acts as fresh water, for the bFreshWaterMakesValid & bRequiresIrrigation tags. Firaxis seems to have built in a fair bit of redundancy into this file, with mulitple references & pointers to fresh water, rivers, & irrigation.
  • bRequiresFeature = May only be build on a Terrain Feature specified in the FeatureMakesValids tag.
  • bWater = May only be built on Water (Fishing Boats).
  • bGoody = Defines if it is a Goody, like the Hut (don't know how this is combined in other files).
  • bPermanent = Probably permanent, or not removable; all are False.

Integer Tags

  • iTilesPerGoody = UNKNOWN EFFECT
  • iGoodyRange = Puts the Goody up to this many tiles away from its initially generated location in the map script.
  • iUpgradeTime = Amount of turns till it changes to next version as defined in ImprovementUpgrade. (a-la Cottages)
  • iAirBombDefense = Defense bonus against bombing runs given to a local unit.
  • iDefenseModifier = Defense bonus against attacking land units.
  • iPillageGold = Amount of gold a Player gets when pillaging this improvement.

Multi line Tags

  • PrereqNatureYields = Defines if a certain amount of food, hammers and/or gold is needed to build this improvement. You need always three iYield tags inside. Values are integer, in the order food/hammers/gold.
  • YieldChanges = Defines the changes when this improvement is built. Uses iYieldChange, order is food/hammers/gold.
  • TerrainMakesValids = You may define one or more terrain types on which the improvement may be built. Continas the TerrainMakesValid tag.
    • TerrainMakesValid = Defines the individual terrain types. Contains TerrainType: the Terrain type as defined in CIV4TerrainInfos.xml (Text); and bMakesValid: If the improvement may be built (Boolean).
  • FeatureMakesValids = You may define one or more feature types on which the improvement may be build. Continas the FeatureMakesValid tag.
    • FeatureMakesValid = Defines the individual Feature types. Contains FeatureType*: the Feature type as defined in CIV4FeatureInfos.xml (Text); and **bMakesValid: If the improvement may be built (Boolean).
  • TechYieldChanges = Yield changes introduced by researching a specific Tech. Uses iYieldChange.
  • RouteYieldChanges = Yield changes introduced by building a road/railroad over that tile. Uses iYieldChange.


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