CIV4PlayerColorInfos.xml defines the default combinations of colours from CIV4ColorVals into PLAYERCOLOR_{the name of the colour}. All the text entries in CIV4PlayerColorInfos.xml are the colour names defined in CIV4ColorVals.

Single-Line Tags

Text Tags

  • Type = The name of the PlayerColorInfo.
  • ColorTypePrimary = Defines the colour for the civilization's borders, the primary colour of its flag, and certain defined sections of its units.
  • ColorTypeSecondary = Defines the secondary colour of its flag (most often the symbol, but this is determined by the content of the flag's dds file) as well as certain defined sections of its units.
  • TextColorType = Defines the colour of the leadername/username in the panel above the minimap which shows the current scores.


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