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This file defines conditions of different Victory types

Single-Line Tags

Text Tags

  • Civilopedia = names the Civilopedia text key entry.
  • CityCulture = Defines the culture level that must be attained to achieve a cultural victory.
  • Description = names the text key for the shorter, mouse-float description of the Cultral Victory item.
  • Type = Defines the name of the victory condition.
  • VictoryMovie = defines the name of the victory movie file

Boolean Tags

  • bConquest = indicates whether or not you need to conquer the world to achieve this victory condition.
  • bDiploVote = indicates if this victory condition requires a Diplomatic vote for World Leader (sic?).
  • bEndScore = indicates if this victory is based on your score at the chronological end of the game (year 2050).
  • bPermanent = UNKNOWN EFFECT
  • bTargetScore = UNKNOWN EFFECT

Integer Tags

  • iLandPercent = indicates the total percentage of land you and your vassals must control to achieve this victory.
  • iNumCultureCities = indicates the number of cities that must meet the above-mentioned culture level to enact this victory.
  • iMinLandPercent = indicates the minimum percentage of land that you personally must control to achieve victory.
  • iPopulationPercentLead = UNSURE may indicate, as a percentage, how much more popluation you must have over the next civ down to win.
  • iReligionPercent = indicates the total percentage of cities that must be following your state (founding?) religion in order to win.
  • iTotalCultureRatio = UNKNOWN EFFECT


Cultural Victory 

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