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This file defines changes to yields (food, hammers, gold) depending on certain conditions.

Singleline Tags

Text Tags

  • Type = The internal tag for the yield
  • Description = What the text entry is named for that yield
  • ColorType = Unknown

Integer Tags

  • iHillsChange = How yield is changed in hills (e.g., -1 for food)
  • iPeakChange = Not sure, since nothing can be built in peak tiles
  • iLakeChange = How yield is changed if the tile is a lake tile
  • iCityChange = A city over this tile gives this much more yield
  • iPopulationChangeOffset = Added to population count for counting extra yield if divisor is greater than 0, for city tile only
  • iPopulationChangeDivisor = If greater than 0, each population point divided by this value gives that much more yield, for city tile only
  • iMinCity = The minimum food, hammers, and gold a city will produce in any tile
  • iTradeModifier = Percent of additional yield from trade. 100 would give extra 100% (food, hammer, and commerce).
  • iGoldenAgeYield = Increases during a golden age
  • iGoldenAgeYieldThreshold = The min amount of this type of yield needed to gain the golden age bonus
  • iAIWeightPercent = How important the AI thinks that yield type is compared to other yield types

Multi line Tags

  • SymbolPaths = Not sure. Appears to be the art file referenced for placing the yield type on the map.


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